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In order to address the problem of hunger, we must understand it. To that end, Hunger in America 2010, the largest study of domestic hunger ever conducted, provides an in-depth look at who is in need, how the need is met, and by whom.

Hunger in America 2010, Executive Summary (pdf)
Hunger in Alaska (pdf)
A circle of protection (pdf)

Information and Forms

USDA Food Distribution Application FY11 (pdf)
Food Stamp Application (pdf)
Food Bank of Alaska Food Drive Shopping List (pdf)

In Anchorage, the need for emergency food is tremendous. Locally, we’ve lost a lot of our industry—which means a lot of people have lost jobs, too. We’re giving out 12,000 pounds of food a month, plus 2,000 pounds of produce. There’s no way we could do it without Food Bank of Alaska. They’re a lifeline to us—and everyone they serve. More information on everything they do for the community can be found at


2011 HHS Poverty Guidelines

in Family
 1 $13,600
 2 18,380
 3 23,160
 4 27,940
 5 32,720
 6 37,500
 7 42,280
 8 47,060
For each additional
person, add
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