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written by Brian Schaffer

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list of Compassionate Ministries Centers

Within the Nazarene denomination there have been some modifications made to the governing structure that supports compassionate ministries, and this has helped keep the focus on ministering to the poor. Listed below are several Compassionate Ministries Centers that were developed during the formative years of the Nazarene denomination.

Rescue Homes
_ Beulah Training Home, Memphis, Tennessee
_ Rest Cottage, Kansas City, Missouri
_ Rest Cottage, Pilot Point, Texas
_ Berachah Rescue Society, Arlington, Texas
_ Nazarene Rescue Home, Bethany, Oklahoma
_ Hillcrest Rest Cottage, Southern California
_ Hope Cottage, Swampscott, Massachusetts
_ Lebanon Home, Seattle, Washington
_ Nazarene Rescue Home, Texarkana, Texas
_ Refuge Home, Hutchinson, Kansas
_ Rest Cottage, Oakland, California
_ South McAlester Rescue Home, Indian Territory
_ Southwestern Training Home, Lake Charles, Louisiana
_ Wichita Rescue Home, Wichita, Kansas

Orphanages and Training Homes
_ Peniel Orphanage, Greenville, Texas
_ Oklahoma Orphanage
_ Bethel Institute/Home/Orphanage, Arriaga, Chiapas, Mexico
_ Boys Orphanage in Khardi, India
_ Dependent Children’s Home, Davenport, OK
_ Orphanage, Juarez, Mexico
_ Pentecostal Mission Training Home for Girls, Nashville, Tennessee
_ Rest Cottage Children’s Home, Pilot Point, Texas
_ Spruce Orphanage, Floresville, Texas
_ Washington Children’s Home

Medical Ministries
_ Samaritan Hospital and School of Nursing, Nampa, Idaho
_ Nazarene Medical Missionary Union
_ Bresee Memorial Hospital, Tamingfu, China
_ Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital, Bremersdorp, Swaziland
_ Reynolds Memorial Hospital, India
_ Nazarene Hospital, Kudjip, Papua New Guinea
_ Bethany Home Sanatorium, Phoenix, Arizona
_ Nazarene Hospital and Williams School of Nursing, Columbus, Georgia
_ Nazarene Health Care Fellowship
_ Trevecca Health Care Center

Social Ministry-Oriented Congregations
_ Community of Hope, Washington, D.C.
_ Golden Gate Ministries, San Francisco, California
_ Lamb’s Club/Manhattan Church of the Nazarene, New York City
_ Shepherd Community, Indianapolis, Indiana
_ Bresee Institute
_ Liberation Community, Fort Worth, Texas

There is a large section in the Nazarene Archives dedicated to the material that has been collected for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. There are hundreds of ministry centers around the world that are continuing to live out the passion of Bresee by ministering to the poor. Phineas F. Bresee could have chosen to decline the opportunity that was presented in the Peniel Mission, and stayed in the Methodist Episcopal Church, but the burning passion within him of ministering to the poor would not allow him to do so. There are many poor souls that will walk on the streets of gold, because of Breseeā€™s self-sacrificial decision to share the Good News with them. To God Be The Glory!

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